I'm Ann Sanicola

I'm the creator, designer, and driving force behind Ann Sanicola Jewelry. As a progressive feminist, I strive to bring jewelry reflecting those values to me customers and comunity.

I've been making jewelry most of my life, starting with making playdoh beads strung on kitchen twine and gifting them to family and friends. I graduated to enameling at age 12, and silversmithing at 19. I'm now a grandmother and I'm still designing and creatig jewelry.

Most of my jewelry makes a statement, and some of my lines are fundraisers. Particular favorite charities i give to are Planned Parenthood and Doctors without Borders.

Come join me on thus journey and take a look at my collections. If you'd like updates to events im selling, new collection releases' and special sales click on the contact form to get added to my mailig list.

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